Practical Requirements

The Distance Delta Integrated Programme and Module 2 course have practical and written components forming the basis of all formally-assessed assignments. During the course, you need to:

  • be involved in ELT teaching on a regular basis
  • teach groups of adults or young learners (minimum age 8). For formal assessment purposes, you must ensure that there is a minimum of 5 students in the group you are teaching
  • have the support of an approved Local Tutor or choose the Online Personal Tutor option
  • have access to appropriate library facilities
  • guarantee that you will be teaching for a minimum of 2 months out of July, August and September for March course entry

Module 1 does not require you to have access to a class or regular involvement in ELT whilst on the course.

Module 3, whilst not requiring regular ELT teaching, does require access to a group of learners for research purposes.