Course Participant Testimonials

  • I have gained a great depth and breadth of knowledge on this course and now feel more empowered as a teacher. I feel that the Extended Assignment and background reading and research for LSAs have been the most beneficial aspects of the course for my professional development. On finishing the course, I feel I have the skills at my disposal to go on developing as a teacher by conducting my own classroom research and consulting the relevant EFL literature.

    Nicholas Dann: Integrated Programme
  • I think the course has been extremely beneficial. I felt really supported by my tutor and by the Course Co-ordinator.

    Thiago Veigga: Module 1
  • I believe that this course has forced me to look at teaching from a much deeper angle and understand why I do what I do in my classroom and ways to improve and be a better teacher.

    Jenny McFarlane: Module 2
  • …extremely beneficial to my teaching as I have learnt many new techniques and been able to really focus on my weaknesses and work on improving in those areas. Task based videos were very useful in giving me ideas. Forum discussions were invaluable! Lots of flexibility in when I could log on to do the work, which was vital as I didn’t have lots of time every day, but could take advantage of evenings and weekends.

    Joseph O’Donnell: Module 2
  • The DD has helped me to become a practitioner and specialist in my own right. The Coordinator has been extremely helpful, professional and supportive throughout my 3 modules.  I wish to comment how I was able to re-arrange deadlines when I was repatriated to the UK from Mexico.

    Andrew Parker: studied all 3 Modules separately
  • It has undoubtedly informed my knowledge, skills and teaching of Exam Classes and has made me a more confident teacher. It has given me access to resources and references I would not have known about, insight into all aspects of course design and  I have been able to use my experience to provide CPD for newer colleagues.

    Susan Hain: Module 3
  • The DELTA is really a very good programme and has made me a better teacher. I am more sensitive to my students learning needs, am able to explain errors and why they make them. Best of all I feel that I am more knowledgeable now and this has boosted my confidence level so much and has given me extra advantage over the rest of my staff. I am really thankful to your team for all your help while pursuing this programme and I have recommended my colleagues follow suit. Thank you.

    Janet Sithraputhran: Module 1

Local Tutor Testimonials

  • I think the course is very thorough in preparing CPs for the Diploma. Personally, I found it very useful and have a better knowledge of how to capture evidence during lesson observations for evaluation and feedback. I also feel better able to deliver feedback and support trainees in their development. While distance learning doesn’t suit everyone, I think this is a very good distance programme and there is more than enough material to prepare candidates for all three modules.

    Monica Flood: Valencia
  • Working as a Local Tutor on the Distance DELTA programme has been a really good experience which, although challenging, has helped me develop professionally. The course is extremely well-organised and delivered and I have been able to watch my Course Participants grow in this role. Being a Local Tutor has also helped me develop my teacher training skills and allowed me to become involved on the Distance DELTA programe as an Orientation Course Tutor. Watching CPs develop right from the first couple of weeks on the OC and being part of that progress has been a very rewarding experience in my teacher training career.

    Orlando Mata: Mexico City
  • Being a Local Tutor has given me a taste of the DELTA tutor role and a sense of the DELTA, as opposed to the CELTA, standard. I enjoyed the 1:1 relationship that builds up with the trainee and enjoyed working with them to develop them as teachers. I loved seeing how another school works. It was also great to be able to tailor feedback sessions to one person’s needs and tutorials to the needs of one or two people. I let the Course Tutor know it was my first time and he supported and encouraged me. Whatever you choose to do following the role of Local Tutor, it’s great for your CV and starting to raise your profile with Cambridge.

    Jacqueline Douglas: London