Orientation Courses

Orientation Courses

Attendance at an Orientation Course is a necessary initial component of the Integrated Programme and Module 2 courses. As well as following up work done on the Pre-course Task it provides a sound grounding in the skills of analysing, planning and reflecting objectively on your own teaching. Unit 1 of both programmes, including work on your first Module 2 assignment, is completed during the Orientation Course. The Cambridge requirement for 10 hours of peer observation is also covered on the course.

Orientation Courses run twice a year in March/April and August/September either online using our video sharing platform or face-to-face in International House London and our selected regional centres around the world. When completing the Integrated Programme or Module 2 application, you will be able to select your preferred available location.

Face-to-face Orientation Course

Spanning two weeks and taking place in a variety of locations around the world, the Face-to-face Orientation Course offers all the advantages of having direct contact with Course Tutors and fellow Course Participants. As a distance learner, it is important that you make contact with others who are following the same programme so that you can share ideas and opinions. The Orientation Course is an important step towards becoming part of the Distance Delta learning community.

Online Orientation Course

The Online OC has been developed to ensure that candidates unable to attend Face-to face Orientation Courses can still embark on their Delta. With all the functions of the face-to-face course fulfilled online and by using special software for the recording of lessons, Online OCs represent an attractive practical alternative to many Course Participants.

Course content delivered through the DD website is the same as for Face-to-face OCs but spans four weeks instead of two. Course Participants need to devote at least 15 to 20 hours a week to the course and to be teaching a class during the course to film three lessons for the teaching component of the course. In order to complete the workload, Course Participants would need to be working on a reduced timetable for the duration of the course.

We run Face-to-face Orientation Courses in these fantastic locations:

Kingdom Tower at nightDubai UAEHong Kong

            Riyadh: Saudi Arabia                            Dubai: UAE                                   Hong Kong

Dublin IrelandCairo EgyptYork England

                 Dublin: Ireland                                  Cairo: Egypt                              York: England

Auckland New Zealand

                 Milan: Italy                              Auckland: New Zealand                         London: England

Budapest Hungary

             Thailand: Bangkok                       Seoul: South Korea                           Budapest: Hungary

Bilbao eSpain

             Colombo: Sri Lanka                          Bilbao: Spain                            Kuala Lumpur: Malaysia

Bandar Seri Begawan: Brunei

            Lisbon: Portugal                           Melbourne: Australia                  Bandar Seri Begawan: Brunei

                Osaka: Japan                                      Mauritius                                     Athens: GreeceSydney

              Sydney:Australia                             Valletta: Malta                                 Shanghai: ChinaHanoi

                 Hanoi: Vietnam                             Bogota: Colombia                        Galway: Ireland


                                                               Online Orientation Course

Please note that we cannot guarantee that all Orientation Courses will run as courses are subject to demand.

Currently there are no available Orientation Courses.